about me/faq

I love making videos; whether it's tutorials, music videos, fun clips, etc.
I'm not really good at describing myself,
so you'll just have to find out by following me! ;]

the name addicted was chosen since it basically described me.
besides, the word shopaholic is so cliche. addicted just happens to sound
better in my opinion. it refers to the addiction of anything. the name
doesn't quite narrow down what my addictions are, so therefore --
i can blog about anything i like! now as for the x3, many of you might
think that the "x" is used for separation of the word "addicted" from the number "3"..
but actually it's a heart. x3 is the same as <3, only b/c the less than sign wasn't allowed :[

Q: What can I find on this blog?
A: tips/advice, tutorials, reviews and hauls on makeup, skincare products, basically anything that deals with beauty!

Q: Do you offer any coupons or special deals on cosmetics?
A: OF COURSE! Follow me or check back for "random" updates on discount offers, promo codes, and coupons! ;)

Q: What else do you do besides blogging on here?
A: I also make videos for youtube; I am a part-time graphic designer (free lance), and lastly attend college :)