Tips For BLACK FRIDAY & Deals!

are you guys excited for black friday as much as I am?! I do have not admit i'm no expert when it comes to black friday shopping since I've only done it once -- last year (terrible experience/time). so basically to make last yr's black friday trip short; it was completely random. we stayed up all night 'til morning just to see what the big hyper was & also to see if we can witness any fights..haha. since it was just a first time thing; we had nothing planned - from stores to items, etc. after last year's horrible experience of a black friday, we've learned A LOT!
so let's jump to the point..
here's a list (that I put together) to get in preparation of this crazy day! :

  • flyers, ads, and store coupons will be sent to your homes as early as 2 wks before thanksgiving week (keep a lookout for these on the day before black friday as well)
  • create a list of the stores you plan on hitting up   *mark #s next to the names in the order of importance or even closest distance
  • keep in mind that stores that are participating in the black friday event typically open as early as that thanksgiving midnight; if not..the other half will be open at 4am!! so ARRIVE EARLY & prepared for any weather! :) rain or hail, people will still be standing in line -- crazy, I know ~
  • if you are stuck deciding which one to get first, go for the bigger difference = better deal! ex.) $1199 hp laptop; going on sale for $700 [VS.] $90 8gb mp3 player; going on sale for $60 ;; go for the HP LAPTOP first!

here are some very helpful websites to find out what deals will be going on: 

[click here for walmart's black friday ad] you will need to change the zip code to view the items/deals at your preferred store
awesome deals at walmart: 
HP DJ-1051 All-in-1 Printer $19
gears of war 3 $28; orig between $49-$59
modern warfare 3 $28; orig $60
xbox 4gb + kinect + controller + adventures game $199.96
ps3 160gb + controller + 2 bonus games $199.96
movie dvds $1.96; and $5 as well

[click here for macy's black friday preview] they are currently sending out additional coupons for sale & clearance items! so be sure to check your mail

** this post was not sponsored by anyone. opinions and advice are my own. picture is not my own**



a SALE is a temporary markdown that the store can raise to it’s full price at anytime;; usually for promotional purposes
CLEARANCE is a permanent markdown that won’t be raised back to it’s full price;; the word "clearance" says it all - the store is trying to clear out their old, seasonal inventory in preparation for the new items

....so always remember this :

also, something I've noticed is..most stores use the red stickers to symbolize the item is "on sale" and the yellow sticker to represent "clearance".