Water Color Nails (perfect for summer!)

I learned this neat water + polish trick wayyy back when I was 10. my cousin used to work in a nail salon & she would teach me cool nail stuff every now & then and yep -- this is one of them;; now, I kno there are other ways of doing this concept, but this is just MY way.

these water color nails are great for spring (or summer)! especially if you choose very bright colors ;)

I apologize for the terrible camera quality; I'm hoping to save enough money to invest in an actual camcorder rather than using my casio or canon digicam. this video was shot was a canon cam. I thought canon made excellent quality cams - but this proves otherwise =/

other than that..hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial
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p.s. I do kno the tape trick, but I prefer not to go with that technique;; it doesn't block out the polish 100%

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--DISCLAIMER: all nail polishes were purchased by me or given to me by family & friends. no company affiliations or sponsorship. these are my honest opinions.

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