Spring Giveaway #1! (OPEN)

time for my first giveaway!! wooo~

[[ R U L E S : ]]
(1) MUST be a subscriber of my channel; new subbies are welcomed :D;; & yes I will be checking.
(2) must be 13 or older (if below 18, pls ask parents' consent before entering)
(3) leave a comment below answering this question -- what's your fave. song to jam to in the spring or summer?
** you may enter as many times as you like (just not consecutively); also you CANNOT enter the same song TWICE **
(4) US ONLY for this giveaway; intl subbies -- pls stay tuned for other upcoming giveaways :]
(5) **giveaway closes MAY 3, 2011 at 11:59:59 EST!!**
-- winner will be chosen via classtools.net

♡ BLOG: http://adtx3.blogspot.com/
♡ TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/leen...
♡ BRUSHES: http://bit.ly/eT9FhR
♡ DISCOUNT ON DESIGNER: http://bit.ly/f8nitd
(use REP code: LEENPHYSEMA for 20% off your purchase)
♡ DISCOUNT ON HAIR TOOLS: http://bit.ly/hciEnI
♡ LUUUX: http://bit.ly/efos5d

disclaimer: all prizes were bought by my own money. this video was not sponsored or affiliated with any companies. honest opinions as always :)

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