Christian Louboutin Dupes

now I know every girl out there is wanting to get their hands on at least one pair of Christian Louboutin heels. apparently right now, he is the hottest shoe trendsetter. every grl wants that red sole that he's famous for. I don't even own a pair; but I am one of those grls I mention earlier. I've made it my goal to own at least one pair. haven't set a goal date yet, but I will own one, at least. perhaps before 3 years would be nice. lol. but anyways, true, authentic Christian Louboutin shoes start around 500 bucks and can get pretty pricey.

I'm writing here today to let you know my "new discovery". forever21 is currently selling a duplicate of one of Christian Louboutin's shoes. the original Christian Louboutin heel name for this pair is called: AMBROSINA (priced between $500 - $700)

here's what the original looks like:

here's forever21's version/dupe (priced at $30):
[click here for link to the shoe]

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