UPDATE/Military Trend

for those who follow me on youtube; sorry for not updating for awhile. apparently, I've gotten sick with bronchitis. it's really hard to record myself talking since it's flu-like symptoms, plus shortness of breath. I'm trying to get better as quick as I can. ><"

also, I've fallen for the "military trend"; I can't quite officially call it that though - more like I've become more admirable towards the michael jackson/military trend. I've always liked camouflage clothes and the olive military color (since I was uber young). I'm currently looking for a military-styled jacket - I think that's what I'm mainly missing from the closet; besides military styled boots/booties. It's hard finding the perfect military-styled jacket. Especially at a great and affordable price. Must be olive color or brown. I'm trying extremely hard to avoid black since I have too many black apparel.


Here are some " examples"  of the perfect jacket for me. [disregard the colors]

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