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Juicy It Up!

yay. a huge juicy couture sale is coming our way tomorrow (tues, dec 7) on hautelook! yes, I know hautelook usually has juicy, but this time it's a WHOLE LOT JUICIER! ;)

here are the "categories" they will be having:


UPDATE/Military Trend

for those who follow me on youtube; sorry for not updating for awhile. apparently, I've gotten sick with bronchitis. it's really hard to record myself talking since it's flu-like symptoms, plus shortness of breath. I'm trying to get better as quick as I can. ><"

also, I've fallen for the "military trend"; I can't quite officially call it that though - more like I've become more admirable towards the michael jackson/military trend. I've always liked camouflage clothes and the olive military color (since I was uber young). I'm currently looking for a military-styled jacket - I think that's what I'm mainly missing from the closet; besides military styled boots/booties. It's hard finding the perfect military-styled jacket. Especially at a great and affordable price. Must be olive color or brown. I'm trying extremely hard to avoid black since I have too many black apparel.


Here are some " examples"  of the perfect jacket for me. [disregard the colors]



I found this site a few weeks back and thought I give it a try. I've read almost everything off the site already. Basically this site is offering "exchangable services". This is just a term a made for better understanding. But you can sign up as an "influencer" or "advertiser". they offer brief descriptions under each one before selecting, so you can know which one best suits you. After that, you can link your mylikes to twitter, facebook, or youtube. All you do is select which ad you would like to advertise for -> through your status -> via fb, twitter, or yt.

I would like to refer you guys to this site.
Here's the direct link :

or feel free to click on the thumbnail below :