Life Span of Your Makeup

average life span: 4 to 6 months

Mascaras tend to start smelling like burnt plastic between 4-6 months. Always check!

average life span: 1 year

Pencils: throw them away if the tip starts oozing or if some sort of oily substance forms
Liquid: about 6 months..

average life span: 1 year

Keeping foundation away from sunlight or any type of heat helps the life span.

average life span: 1 year

Always keep the container tightly closed and sealed to have a lasting shelf life.

Blush and eye shadow
average life span: 1 to 2 years

Creams last about 1 year; powders about 2.

average life span: 8 months

Life span of your lipstick can be less than 8 months if it's no longer in its original form; or if it has come into contact with a sore or some sort of infection - throw it away!

Makeup brushes
average life span: 1 year or longer (depending on brand or how well you take care of them)

Natural-hair brushes: (used for powder) — wash can clean them ONCE a week
Synthetic brushes: (used for creams) wash TWICE a week

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