How To Fix Broken EyeShadow

You Will Need
¤ small transparent plastic bag (zipblock will do)
¤ broken eyeshadow
¤ rubbing alcohol
¤ bobby pin
¤ small CLEAN, flat object (dime/penny will do)
¤ cloth (preferably something smooth/flat surfaced - not a towel)

(1) gather the pieces of broken eyeshadow and place it in the bag
(2) try to get all the pieces to the bottom or corner of the bag
(3) add a few small drops of rubbing alcohol into the bag (you want a pastey-like form; will also disinfect the exposed shadow)
(4) use your bobby pin to blend the shadow very well together
(5) squeeze or scoop (with the bobby pin) the shadow back into the original container
(6) take your dime or penny and place it in the towel; make sure the towel is wrapping the coin (coin is for a flat top surface)
(7) use the flat top cloth to press down on the shadow
(8) lastly, just leave it alone until your shadow has returned to its original texture

hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial :]


  1. I tried this not long ago but it didn't work very well for me! Probably my technique (or lack there of haha) I wish I had seen your post back when I tried! :)

  2. nice...i should try this...i got a MAC shadow mailed to me and I dont know what happened but it broke during shipping and i just tossed it cuz I didnt know what to do..lol..thx for this!